domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Don't dream big, DO big.

Shame on YOU.
Right, me.

Give me a look and I'll tell you the truth.
Silence is a gift, but only if you can bare not looking, if you can bare hiding your soul,
because along with your voice, there is a face that screams
and it screams every single feeling that you hold inside.
I can see it in everyone, dissapointment.
I could see it in her, sadness. Loneliness.
I wish I could go back and help her, a soulmate so far away and yet so near.
Misery and glory, a refuge and a home, families, a girl.
And now Im back to my routine, watching their eyes deviate when I come along.
I wish I could go back.

Easy come, Easy go.
Easy come, Easy go.
Easy come, Easy go.
Just too perfect to be true.

I am sorry, I am so so sorry. I am sorry I've changed. Hope we can find each other again sometime.

There's a reason for everything we do, sometimes we don't learn from our mistakes, or either we don't want to learn, there is a strange and strong rush that leads to do what inside you've been always repressing because you know its wrong. I have a theory, I have to screw up things before they end up screwing me. Because I've been down and lonely, I've felt the cold moist of the bottom floor, I've been there and don't ever want to go back, but if I know how it feels, why do I have to sent others there? Sometimes I feel its too perfect to be true, so I run away. Sometimes I feel the desperate need to find the thorn of the rose so I cant tear apart but I've built. Sometimes, almost every time I screw everything I've got. But that's just me.

White flag, please?
Me quiero volver, me quiero volver allá, quiero hacer de mi vida eso, ya volví, pelotuda como soy. Entre Ríos, corto pero único. Me cago en la sociedad, en nosotros, manga de egoístas.

Mary said a dreamer was a complete coward, 'cause dreaming in so damn easy, flying in one's imagination holds no stone to fall for. But making them true, making them alive, NO, trying is what makes you brave. Having the courage to fall down the road for what you desire most. Because we all know they are called dreams due to the apparent impossibility of making part of our reality. She said a hero has a heart of gold, a hero would find peace through peace itself, not vengeance, not power, not war, but peace itself for all, equality. But the term hero has lost its true sense, and today everyone is a fucking hero. She said love was a way of not feeling alone, and that's why it is so perfect to each of us, because in a world so big, with so many people, we all need to believe that somebody cares for us, as so we need someone to believe in, and that makes each of us a God. And that's why tragedy is the characteristic of life, drama, because along with expectations comes dissapointment.

Conocí a una verdadera heroína, Rita y toda su gente. Gracias, ese recuerdo no me lo saca nadie.

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