lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Who do you wanna be?

There's a sun out there waiting for each of us every single day, waiting to reflect the specks that make us unique but its like we embrace being shadows, we rejoice our space far from the spot light, we portray ourselves in low resolution unabling anyone to see any details we hide. Inside we are rotting but as long as our shell is protecting us and nobody tries to peel off our layers we feel safe. Safe but weak,we are cowards. We are those kind of people who stand in line waiting for God to arrive bearing gifts, we patiently wait with the hope that sometime we will walk out of our shelters and find a big sign saying: "Here is were we grant all your wishes, be the star of your own life"; knowing not that those who've achieved their goals, are those who forged their destiny, ignoring that the path that we are taking was chosen only by ourselves and is not just a matter of circumstances and chances and possibilities and limitations, its about ourselves and our fears. People who succed are people who are not fearless, but they are corageous, they are willing to fail, they are those who have the greatest fears but they go first in line to buy as much tickets as possible to try over and over again to overcome them, they are willing to fall and let everyone point them out with their evil smiles as long as it will take them to their place of peace, of happinnes. We, on the other hand, we convince ourselves that we are one step closer each day while instead we are dying a little more each second, we look at our fears right in the core of their eyes and we let them manipulate us, we let them reach our deepest emotions and play with them, we are puppets of our own  monsters, we are puppets of the world's expectations and our inability to listen any judgments because we've tasted bitterness before, we've tasted failure and it was just too much for ourselves, so we chose the easy road, silent, dark and constant.

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011


All these messed up trails, they don't lead anywhere. I've been wandering the streets, hoping blissfully that as everyone says, they will lead me to Rome and I will find my home. But so far, I've seen the drinkers, the unscrupulous men selling little girls, I've been in the storm while it took away everything that they had, I saw them crying cause one looked at me right in the eye, I saw his life and his future, but I didn't dare to help him out. I wanted to ask for directions but I've got a thing with affection,and all this, all that, all this being lost and not found  it all comes back to you.

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting.-John Green

I would do anything for you-Foster the people

Everyday is a battle I face
Strange life I live, but it's what you've decided
I give it all into your hands
Do what you will with me
And I'll, I'll smile when you speak
Remember those times when I was hoping for something?
And shaking my head from all that I've done
But you never left me

I'd give it up for you
I'd do anything for you

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

My personal Buddha

"Tha Post"

The minute you lay expectations on the people you love, you constrain them to a life inside a narrowed bottle, where, if they love you back, they do as much as they can to please you, even if that means being carried away from the path of dreams. I think, sometimes expectations mislead us, they trick us into doing things we don't love but still, we try our best to fulfil them cause it means that we're making someone happy. Its a sacrifice, its the life of a martyr. Sometimes I think what would it be if we didn't have those limits? What would be if we had no attachments, would we be free? Or can we be free without needing to please our loved ones? So ask yourself, if you wanna live life for yourself, or you want to live for someone else?

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

What a shame, we all become such fragile broken things

When I go to sleep at night, I always wish that as soon as I cover myself with the blank sheets, they will clear my head, they will take away these thoughts of mine, these thoughts I would never want for anyone else, I wish that they'd make me pure, innocent, fresh, I wish they'd take me back to some other time when everything was better, happier, easier. The thing is, there was no such time, it was only that I was apt to playing someone else's games, its just that I had back up and now I've got nothing, I don't even have the will to follow the lead, I'm tired of doing so and still being lonely, I'm tired of being the third player in a game for two, I always feel like I'm stepping into someone else's life, unwelcome but yet most of them find the way to get through all my regular inconveniences and accept me, help me. But I'm sick of that, I feel pity for all those who feel forced to welcome me and I admire them but I also feel exhausted of being the one who's always left out, cause lets face it I don't belong there, never will I belong there. That's why, at night I always cover myself up, hoping that the sheets will dry my tears and maybe take me somewhere very far from here.