martes, 10 de agosto de 2010


But what a slice of heaven you have gifted me with. Oh how wonderful does it taste, the flavour of teenage missunderstanding, Oh how pretty those tears lie on your face, stained with the paint on your eyes, Oh honey, that smile has been hiding for a long while now, But boy what an angel you are when its out,Oh how misterious are your dreams, why do they crash so soon, maybe you've had enough tries But Oh how fascinating is the story of love.Well dear you must know, there's a reason why we grow, there's a reason for you being what you are, and having the memory of what you were. But darling, be aware, don't spend all your money crying, soon you'll be something else, soon you'll grow to be a grown. up. Up and down is your mood, up in the skies, exalting of excitement, your dreams go by your hand until you fall and then the blame is in those you'll soon be alike. Oh how wonderful is metamorphosis. Like butterflies, that are doomed for a while, so when they become the beautiful exotic flies they are, they appreciate it the most. Oh how wonderful are the misteries of life. Why don't you give it a try?

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