domingo, 18 de julio de 2010


We are all born to be something

to achieve a certain goal

God gives a unknown mission

disguised in scenes of tragedies

or stories valued in gold

We are all born in thoughts of thoughts

illusions of innocent minds

or plans of a couple

for tomorrow

when they don't even know

if they'll last that long.

The world is full of wannabes,

sinners and prayers who claim

truth is not what we see,

singers and fakers,

lovers and law-breakers



unvalued by the master minds

the sons of Him,

brothers of Adan

sisters of Eve


contamination, discrimination

secret unions

alterators of imaginations

creations of creations

deaths with no guilt.

What have we created?

What have we done

if it's not for human pleasure?

What do we value more than a silver treasure?

Not an African life

Not a bears' existence

Not a flower in autumn

No, not our own person.


people living on the streets

a 5 star hotel, poppin champaigne

they are all the same

we all got the same fate.

try to escape or not,

try to ask from freedom

when all you need is wisdom

our destiny He has wrote

it's a world disguised in colours

now controlled by monitors

turn the music on

as loud as it can go,

you'll still hear his voice

saying `boy, it's time to go`

"Welcome to the new life"

Ironic how an end it's just a new start

At least we all wanna make sure it is so

but how do we really know?

One wish, not to die

a second,meet THE one

a last wish,love me till i die

Oh men are we brainwashed?

why are we so wrong?

some complain so much

but still they fear their last breath is near,

some live to the fullest

and die young,

some live to survive

"that's the wrong life" would say the wise.

That old man comes around,

looks weak,inside he's deep

acknowledged as Him

tells the story of his life

boys are astonished

one started to cry

the novel reached their hearts

but the next day

the minds corrupt them to go on

live the common way

disappear after years...

Wise man vanishes in memories

the idea he brought

"die to become a legend" fades

between the lessons of parents

and old stories they read to sleep.

We are humans

we make mistakes

and learn or other wise regret

Is that why we fear so much death?

the idea of ending something

we are not really appreciating

Is it because we reflect death as the end?

as a limit? the last boundary?

Many people love to

croos boundaries,

others love just to have them

but when we know there is only one left

we become scared

is that so?

why aren't we a whole

if God created as with soul

damn we are the sole

representation of contradiction

we made the world out of science fiction

then we say the priority is religion

but we've become discomfort with our own control.

A year later, I am a whole new me

Still think the same about the shit we've made

But I'm willing to dream

To destroy society to just be

Who I want to be

I'm willing to let myself fly with the wind

And trust that it will take me where I need to be

I'm willing to have hope

And only now I know, Soon

Freedom will be our only pace.

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