domingo, 18 de julio de 2010


I was made into a disguise,
Changing changing into spinning lies
Changing for an atmosphere that doesn't seem my house.
I was made into a two-faced coin looking for crime
My homicide was changing for you,
If you loved me as I was, then why alternate into this piece of crap?
I am now, my worst and most evil enemy.
and now you're looking at me, whispering insults of betrayal
that should be coming out of me.
Screaming things you don't really mean,
don't really feel," I still love you like this."
But inside memories fade
as you see I’m not the same girl than yesterday
You mourn in desire for a new sensation,
You don't want any explanations
You're desperate for a new road,
new smashing thoughts of a mysterious lady
one that will once again drive you crazy
`Cuz I’m no longer that one,
`cuz time ago you complained I didn`t have what it takes
Now that I bought it from some ex-friends
and stole my mother's purse
just for you, and no other than you...
You don't want me back.

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