jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Endings are never really endings

And now, as I take my baggage down the new road, I think of the new rules that will help me in this journey; first of all, to hold no grudge of the past, of any mistakes, of what I believed unfair, of the falls or the dissapointments; also to smile, as many times as possible; to say yes to new opportunities and most important to try my best to achieve them all; to learn from the people I admire the most, the ones I love for everything they do; to hold on to all those strings that made me happy, that made me strong; to share this journey with each person that I cherish; to take a picture of each moment I wish to treasure, even if they are simply on my mind, I shall never let them slip away; to laugh; to hope; o dance; to be the person I always wanted to be and not the person that is taken over by hatred, by remorse, by misery; to enjoy music as much as possible and maybe even create some; to never let go of art and try to make it have a major role in my life; to enjoy nature and each of its miracles; to love you endurably and to be able to show it, without shame, without doubt; to always inspire and encourage; to make people happy and to be happy and even if I stumble upon hate, pain, resentment, I shall fight it off my life and breathe, always breathe.

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