viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Learning to live. I

Who would have thought that the ties that were supposed to make them stronger, were only the mere cause of their weakness, of their pain. From an early age, they learned through experiences that they could only trust their families, that though they shouldn't think the worst of people, they shouldn't either rely on them. Both of them saw the way in which, each one of their closest friends grew apart with one slight mistake, they stumbled upon treason, upon mascarades that fell off the pretty faces once someone needed help. They felt the emptiness, the hollow growing inside of them and as much as it hurt them, they eventually understood that it was for the best, that loneliness could also mean growth of one self, and that their state of peace could only be leaked by the ones who deserve it. Until that someone arrived to their lives and the emotional rollercoaster was launched with no brakes. At first, none of them would let anyone come in, their eyes were veiled to the world, but somehow they were both drawn by the penetrating ideals of enduring love and romanticism, slowly they let their guards down, probably too slowly for their lovers to understand. But when they did, when they vowed to fully compromise, they sold their soul, knowing not that what looked like gold was only a picture that was already becoming a blur. And as soon as they got closer and closer, their lovers got further away, they treated them with pity, as if they were an obligation and not a choice, both of them gave up their lives for their lovers, while the lovers were trying to get a new life apart. By the time that they realized that being so attached was only so stupid and masochist if I may say, they were already too messed up, to caught up in a place where they saw no way out.

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